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Find a Minka images for your creative needs, desktop wallpaper or Android device. "Ikhav Kozak za Dunaj" (Ukrainian: Їхав козак за Дунай, trans. The Cossack Rode beyond the Danube) is one of the most famous Ukrainian folk songs. It was written by Semen Klimovski. Under the name "Schöne Minka" it became popular in Germany too. The German title comes from the first words of a poem by Christoph August Tiedge, "Schöne Minka, ich muß scheiden".Minka (Japanese: 民家, lit. "house of the people") are vernacular houses constructed in any one of several traditional Japanese building styles. In the context of the four divisions of society, minka were the dwellings of farmers, artisans, and merchants (i.e., the three non-samurai castes). This connotation no longer exists in the modern Japanese language, and any traditional Japanese-style residence of an appropriate age could be referred to as minka. Minka are characterised by their basic structure, their roof structure and their roof shape. Minka developed through history with distinctive styles emerging in the Edo period.Minka Kelly (born Minka Dumont Dufay; June 24, 1980) is an American actress. She is most known for her roles in the television shows Friday Night Lights (2006–2009), Parenthood (2010–2011), Charlie's Angels (2011) and Almost Human (2013).
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